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Marketing Tool Provider
Zairmail is one of our newest Tool Providers to Zairmail Express Direct™ allows businesses of all sizes to launch effective direct mail campaigns quickly and reliably. By clicking on the Zairmail icon below, customers can create and log onto a Zairmail account, create postcards, build direct postal mailing campaigns or ask for a custom quote for mailings. Using familiar desktop tools, users may create messages, buy a mailing list (or use their own), and then submit the final mailpiece for rapid delivery. In 15 minutes create your mailing and it's in the mail often within a day. Zairmail Express Direct™ is the industrial-strength solution to all of your business correspondence needs. Whether you need to send a few, hundreds, or thousands of postcards delivered to the U.S. Postal Service, Zairmail should be your first stop. Check them out!
People Management
Hiring? Training? Promoting? Disciplining? Relocating? Firing? It is all here. If you are looking for a tool that helps motivate, manage, reward, or recognize people, this is the place to start.
OEM Job Functions and Template

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Contracts? Forms? Expense reports? Sign in sheets? Administrative processes or details? This "boilerplate" area is the place to look to find those generic yet time consuming documents.
End User Software License

New Executive Press Release

Product Strategy Sample Template

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Never presented to the Board of Directors? Have to present your annual plan to your boss? This presentation area is the place to go to see how other people have put together their presentations to get their budget or plan approved; receive a "yes" on a new proposal, or "dodge the bullet" when things do not go as planned.
Sample Mktg & Sales Plan Presentation

Sample Press and Investor Roadshow

Product Presentation Template

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Forecasts. Budgets. Financial statements. Annual operating plans. Ratio analysis. ROI models. This spreadsheet area is the place to find that model that is already built - you just add the content! Don't stress about formulas, graphs, or getting the page to print correctly - we have take care of that for you!
MDF Model Spreadsheet

TAM & Company Market Share

Worldwide Pricing Model Example

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Business plans. Marketing plans. Sales plans. Support plans. International plans. Raising money. Going out of business. Everyone does plans - for nearly every major project. Come to this "plans area" and see how others thought through and solved the problem or created the opportunity!
Marketing Requirements Document

Product Launch Requirements Plan

Product Life Cycle Management Process

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Complete Programs
Save time by coming to this "complete programs area". We have packaged up individual tools into "solution suites" to save you time and money. These solutions can be departmental specific like, "How to hire a controller" to cross functional solutions that integrate sales, marketing, and finance!
Certified Reseller Agreement Guide

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Checklists and Audits
You can't know everything - yet your boss expects you to. Never hired a PR agency? Have to outsource telemarketing? Need to choose an investment banker? These audits and checklists enables you to leverage the experience of others to ask all the right questions! Don't get surprised! Before you try something new, come to this area and make sure you ask the tough questions that can come back to bite you another day!
Statement of Work for Outsourcing Work

Trade Show Calendar and Checklist

Web Site Marketing Contract Checklist

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Top 10 Tools
Certified Reseller Agreement Guide

Intro to PR - Marketing Docs

New Vendor Profile Request

Product Evaluation Strategy

Product Launch Primer

Product Life Cycle Management Process

Risk Assessment Model

Sample Marketing Requirements Document

Sample Product Development Plan

Successful Business Processes
Free Samples
Client Consulting Questionnaire

Computer Reseller Mktg Plan

Furniture Mfr Mktg Plan

Media Plan Template Summary

Non-Profit Mktg Plan

Specialty Retail Mktg Plan

Specialty Retail Mktg Plan #2

Theatre Mktg Plan

Most Wanted Tools
Hire a Dir. of Product Marketing

Evaluate & Select an Ad Agency

Choose and manage a PR firm

Solicit Industry Analysts

Ensure Corp. Messaging Consistency

Perform a pricing policy audit

Write a strategy brief on anything

Customer Satisfaction Program

Marketing Program ROI Models

Guerilla Warfare Programs
Other Useful Tools
Marketing Plan Pro

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