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We, the founders of, truly thank you for your business. It has been an exciting experience and we could not have stayed in this business without your continual support and kind words of encouragement. However, after careful reflection, we have decided to shutdown our website.

For those interested in content acquisition and / or business acquisition, please make inquiries thru the following inquiry request form.

Your partners and friends,
Joel and Mike.
The Knowledge Exchange is the world's first knowledge exchange focused exclusively on digital business tools. We have the largest selection of proven, quality tools created by experts, consultants, and professors. We do not create the tools ourselves but provide consistent tool descriptions, pricing, installation, and quality control. All tools have a money back guarantee. If you have any issues with any tool, just email and we will be glad to help, typically in just a few hours!
Featured Tools
Portfolio Planning Models - These Excel tools help you understand the positioning of your Strategic Business Units (SBUs) or products based on their Market Attractiveness and their Strengths relative to the competition. Using these tools, you will improve your marketing and strategic planning, regardless of whether you work at the SBU or product level. These portfolio planning tools require that you input data for 8 factors defining market attractiveness and 12 factors defining competitive strength. You can also assign weights to these factors, depending on how important they are in your industry. Whether you need a 2-dimensional chart or one that shows the contribution of your SBU or products to your company's overall profitability, these tools can help you out. Get a "leg-up" on the competition and get a couple of great presentation charts as well!

Marketing - Portfolio Planning Model 2D
Marketing - Portfolio Planning Model 3D
Search Tricks
Type a department name in the search field, e.g. "Marketing", and you will get a list of all Marketing Tools. Type in a tool provider's last name, e.g. "Coppenrath", and you will see all the tools they have provided.
Featured Partner

Managing Your
The co-founder of, Joel Davis, has created Managing Your based on his three part book series: Death of an Employee, Death of a Manager, and Death of a Leader. gives you the proven advise that can only come with real world experience at every level in a corporation.

It includes not only the Death of a Leader book series, but also free workshops:
  • Life and Career Planning Workshop
  • Creating Your Personal Leadership System
  • Find the Ideal Position in the Right Firm and Industry
  • Interview Process
  • Offer Letter Negotiation
  • On-Boarding Best Practices
  • Your First 90 Days
New and Revised Tools
Use this spreadsheet to calculate over 20 common Liquidity, Activity, Coverage, and Profitability ratios.

Finance - Financial Ratios Analysis

Given the high level of activity relative to the armed forces and reserves, you'll want to read this reprint of the FAQs regarding reservists called to active duty found on the Department of Labor's Pension and Welfare Benefit Administration site.

HR - Reservists on Active Duty

Here's a planning tool to help you assess the risks and benefits of a collection of projects, using the information to better prioritize your time, efforts, and dollars. After completing this exercise, you will have a better understanding of the cost/benefit trade-offs for given products or projects.

Marketing - Evaluating Project Collections

Use this step-by-step process in checklist format to help you pinpoint product problems and develop a strategy to increase sales. This audit process engages multiple departments and, once completed, allows you to consolidate the feedback and make product recommendations based on the information gathered.

Marketing - Product Sales Audit Checklist

If you read our newsletter, you know that many companies are using 360 degree performance reviews to make sure their employees are getting feedback from multiple vantage points. Use the following assessments to make sure you've covered all the bases - peer, management, and self inputs.

HR - Peer Performance Assessment
HR - Performance Evaluation
HR - Self Performance Evaluation

Top 10 Tools
Closing or Downsizing a Facility Plan

Initial BOD Package

Multi-Dept. Annual Budget Summary

Employee Manual #2

Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement

Marketing Plan Template

Annual Recurring Revenue Sales Forecast

Quota & Commission Package

Selling in the New Century

Mgt. Training on Interviewing
Free Samples
Cost And Pricing Modeling Approach

Notice of Acceptance/Rejection

Most Wanted Tools
Reduce Marketing Feature Creep

Engineering Reward Programs

Compress a project schedule

Stop schedule slips on a project

Deal with a problem engineer

Perform black box testing

Recruiting an Engineer to Your Team

Perform successful code reviews

Write a unit test plan

Project Acceptance Test Plans

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